Andreea Racles

HochformatAndreea Racleş is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Social Science and Cultural Studies, Justus Liebig University (Giessen, Germany), writing her PhD dissertation that lays at the intersection of socio-anthropological discussions on belonging and material culture approaches to place/home-making processes. Her inquiry is based on ethnographic field research that she carried out with people of Romanian Roma background, “at home” and abroad. She studied her Master in anthropology and Bachelor in sociology at universities from Bucharest and Copenhagen and started her doctoral studies as a fellow at the Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (Giessen).
Andreea is working as research assistant with Prof. Dr. Encarnación Gutiérrez-Rodríguez on questions of conviviality, socio-material entanglements and translocal connections fostered in migration contexts. Her research interests gyrate around anthropology of home, material culture, urban ethnography and Critical Romani Studies.

Selected Publications:

(forthcoming) Walking with Lina in Zamora. Reflections on Roma’s home-making engagements from a translocality perspective. 2018. Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics.

Social aesthetics and plastic flowers in home-making processes. 2017. Revista Confluências Culturais 6(2), 9 – 21 (Revista UNIVILLE).

Stories with and about wall carpets. An anthropological account on the inhabitation of Ursari Romanian Roma. 2014. Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology 5 (2), 107-131.