Andrea Silva Tapia

A. Silva-Tapia

Andrea Silva Tapia obtained her master degree in Sociology at Alberto Hurtado University in Chile, where she afterwards worked for two years coordinating research projects oriented to public policy at the “Observatorio Social Universidad Alberto Hurtado” (OSUAH). Her master thesis “Historical media narration and radical democracy. A post-structural reading of the modern public space” was based on research done for the UNDP and the National Television Station (TVN). Andrea obtained her PhD in Sociology at Humboldt University in Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Boike Rehbein with the thesis “Ethnicized citizenship as illegitimate citizenship. The Case of Mapuches in Chile and Northeasterners in India”. During her PhD, Andrea conducted fieldwork in Chile, Germany and India.  Currently she is a Lecturer at the Institute of Sociology at Justus Liebig University, Giessen. Her research areas are democracy, citizenship, migration, ethnicity, decolonialism and feminism.

Selected Publications:

Silva, Andrea. Juni 2016. “Ein Schuh ist manchmal nur ein Schuh“. Book Review of „Can Non-Europeans Think? “Dabashi, Hamid. 2015. In Welt Sichten. Magazin für Globale Entwicklung und Ökumenische Zusammenarbeit.

Silva Tapia, Andrea C. 2016. Feminismo e Islam. Una perspectiva reflexiva y decolonial en torno al controversial uso del velo en mujeres musulmanas (“Feminism and Islam. A reflexive and decolonial perspective regarding the controversial use of the veil by Muslim women”) En Economía y Politica. Escuela de Gobierno. Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Santiago de Chile.

Costa-Becker, Maldonado, Schwark und Silva. 2015. Habitus und Kapital in der Migration. In Rehbein et. al. Reproduktion sozialer Ungleichheit in Deutschland, UVK, München.

Morales, Rommy and Silva Tapia, Andrea. 2006. La Subjetividad como Potencial democratizador: Un Análisis de la Esfera pública desde la Teoría de la Acción Comunicativa (“Subjectivity as democratic potential: an analysis of the public sphere from the perspective of the Communicative Action Theory”). Revista de Ciências Sociais Unisinos. Nº 42 vol. 04. “Democracia e Participação“ (Social Science Unisinos Journal “Democracy and participation” . Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos). Brazil.