Summer Semester 2018


Lecture Series „Queer and Feminist Approaches in the Study of Colonially and Racism“ (SS18)

This summer semester, the Institute for Sociology (Justus Liebig University Gießen) is organizing a lecture series entitled “Queer and Feminist Approaches in the Study of Coloniality and Racism” in collaboration with the Research Network in Queer Studies, Decolonial Feminisms and Cultural Transformations (QDFCT). The lectures will take place at Alter Steinbacher Weg, 44 in Room 012, on Mondays between 12:00 and 14:00 from the 16th of April till the 16th of July. We are looking forward to your participation!
16.04.18 | Introduction
24.4.2018* | Cathy Gelbin, “Cosmopolitanism in Crisis: German Jews in Exile from National Socialism”
30.4.2018 | Andreea Racleş, “The role of racism in olfactory politics: The construction and constitution of Gypsiness as otherness”
7.5.2018 | Pınar Tuzcu, “Memes and the Ethnosexual Orders of Migration: The New Hu/Man Conditions in the Digital Age”
14.5.2018 | Vanessa Eileen Thompson, “From Critiques of Strange Fruit to Roses that Grow from Concrete. Transnational Articulations of Black Feminist Critique”
21.05.18 | Holiday – Pentecost
28.5.2018 | Zülfukar Çetin, „Die Dynamik der Queer-Bewegung in der Türkei“
4.6.2018 | Onur Suzan Nobrega, “Methods of inquiry and the diversity of Critical Race Theory scholarship” (TBC)
11.6.2018 | Iman Attia, „Diskursive Interventionen in westliche Kopftuchmonologe“
18.6.2018 | Jeanette Ehrmann, “From ‘Man’ to ‘Moun’ to ‘M’: Queering the Haitian Revolution”
25.6.2018 | Eleonore Wiedenroth-Coulibaly & Denise Bergold-Caldwell, „SPIEGELBLICKE. Perspektiven Schwarzer Bewegung in Deutschland. Buchvorstellung und Einladung zum Gespräch“ (TBC)
2.7.2018 | Nivedita Prasad, “Colonial Continuities in feminist discourses”
9.7.2018 | Persson Perry Baumgartinger,  „Forschung als politisches Projekt – Kritische Ansätze politischer Forschung am Beispiel Trans Studies“
16.07.18 | Conclusion
*on Tuesday!