Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui develops within three essays a new radical and decolonial perspective on the bolivian society. In her first chapter, she negotiates the rebellion Tupaq Kataris in 1781 and compares them with contemporary issues. Moreover, the author develops a concept of Sociología de la imagen; a theory of images and imaginations within social narratives. In her last chapter, Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui analysis contemporary decolonial theories.

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12. August 2018: On_Culture, Issue #5 „Indigeneities. Territories, Spaces and Conceptual Maps“

GCSC, On_Culture Editorial Team is happy to announce their 5th issue „Indigeneities. Territories, Spaces and Conceptual Maps.

On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture is a biannual, peer-reviewed academic eJournal created and edited by doctoral researchers, postdocs and professors working at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC). The Editorial Team notes: “Our fifth issue aims to discern and question commonalities as well as fissures between various forms of and theoretical approaches to indigeneity as a research concept. The plurality of indigeneities thus necessarily informs this issue’s interdisciplinary approach, which includes research from diverse disciplines, regions, and time periods. A major question raised throughout is how positionality affects indigeneities — or: who speaks, from where, and whose voices can or cannot be heard.

In this issue, researchers from various fields such as literary studies, art history, indigenous studies, decolonial studies, cultural anthropology, and architecture critically examine the analytical potential of indigeneity, its controversial nature, as well as its potential for disrupting and correcting preconceived notions, situations of injustice, and forms of discrimination.”

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Table of Contents


The Editorial Team: „Indigeneities: Territories, Spaces and Conceptual Maps “


Dietzel, Andrew: “Protecting the Line: Clinton Rickard, Border-Crossing and Haudenosaunee Trans-Indigeneity”

Meloni, Greca N.: “Making Indigeneity: The Beekeeper’s Perspective”

Ricca, Mario: “Earthly Indigeneity: The Cognitive and Ethical Implications of a Disregarded Cosmic Occurence“

Rose, Diana C.; Vuletić, Snežana: “Indigenous Decolonization of Western Notions of Time and History through Literary and Visual Arts”


Reid, Julian: “Reclaiming Possession: A Critique of the Discourse of Dispossession in Indigenous Studies”


Tochtermann, Verena: “Building New Concepts: Concepts in Indigenous Architecture as Interdisciplinary Enhancement Factor?”