Honorary Members

Rhoda Reddock

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Rhoda Reddock is Emerita Professor of Gender, Social Change and Development and former Deputy Principal of The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago. After undergraduate studies at the UWI, she completed her Masters at The Institute for Social Studies, The Hague and her Ph.D. from University of Amsterdam. Her multi-disciplinary research interests include gender and feminism, women’s social and labour history; gender and social movements; environment, development, masculinities, culture, ethnicity and identity and sexualities. Prof. Reddock’s publications include eight books, three monographs, four special journal issues and over seventy peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

Selected publications:

“Radical Caribbean Social Thought: Race, Class Identity and the Postcolonial Nation” Current Sociology, Vol. 62 No. 4, July 2014, pp. 493-511  

““Split me in Two”:  Gender, Ethnicity and Race-Mixing in the Trinidad and Tobago Nation” in Global Mixed Race, edited by Rebecca Chiyoko King-O’Riain, Stephen Small, Minelle Mahtani, Miri Song, Paul Spickard, New York, NYU Press, 2014, pp. 44-67

“Up Against a Wall”: Muslim Women’s Struggle to Reclaim Masjid Space in Trinidad and Tobago”, in Aisha Khan (ed.) Islam and the Americas, Gainesville, University Press of Florida, 2015, pp. 217-248.

“Competing Victimhoods: a framework for the analysis of post-colonial multi-ethnic societies,” Social Identities, DOI: 10.1080/13504630.2019.1572503, April 2019.