Daniel Heinz

Daniel Heinz

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Daniel studied as a scholarship holder from the ‘Hans-Böckler-Foundation’ Sociology, Political Sciences, and Philosophy at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad, and at the North West University, South Africa, Gender and Queer Studies. Furthermore, Daniel works as an assistant and tutor at the Chair of Sociology and the Chair of Social Research at the Justus-Liebig-University. Besides that, Daniel is actively engaging in the student political representation as anti-racism consultant.

Daniels areas interests include post- and decolonial theories, queer and feminist theory, mixed methods methodologies, and the post-soviet transformations

Selected Publications:

Chiwota, E. and Heinz, D. (2019). Translation of „A struggle is not a walk in the park: Building an Afro-Euro network along Lear Corporation’s supply chain. In: Entgrenzte Arbeit, (un-)begrenzte Solidarität? (ed. Carmen Ludwig/Hendrik Simon/Alexander Wagner).

Heinz, D. (2019). Queering Trinbagonian Universities: Students led Interventions at the University of the West Indies. In: Soziologiemagazin, (forthcoming).

Heinz, D. (2019). What Advantage does Difference make? Leveling the Imperial Playing Field. In: Sprinkle:  Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies, vol. 12.