The Research Network in Queer Studies, Decolonial Feminisms, and Cultural Transformations (QDFCT) aims to create a transdisciplinary platform for discussion and exchange among JLU scholars, students and activists. Initiated in 2016 by Professors Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez (Institute of Sociology) and Greta Olson (English Department), its objective is to acknowledge and explore the work that is being done at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen on topics related to queer theory, feminism, decoloniality, cultural transformations, as well as to interrelated fields such as transcultural and transnational feminisms.

Acknowledging the extensive research and activist work being performed by students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral scholars and professors at the JLU, the network aims to connect academic and political endeavors with the aim of making Giessen a reference point for students and activists who are interested in these topics. Additionally, the network aims to contribute to the process of internationalizing research at the JLU and enlarging the university’s focus on queer theory, feminism, and decoloniality. This shall be accomplished by incorporating issues related to cultural transformation. The network is meant to be open to a broad range of individuals with various disciplinary backgrounds and approaches.


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